Continuous Liquid Flow Control from 10uL up to 5000 uL per minute

Our "3DLFC" liquid flow controller is self-priming, does not require a pressurized supply of liquid, and non-pulsatile flows starts at 10uL per minute.

Closed loop control compensates for varying downstream pressures ensuring continuous and stable flows with accuracy and repeatability of  <1%FS 

Multiple full scale flow ranges available up to 5000 uL/min.

1 or 2 independently controlled channels available in the same package. 

Channels can also be configured as master/slave.

Dual calibrations available for each channel provides for control for up to 4 different fluids in one unit. 

This unit can be used with a wide variety of liquids from water to solvents such as Isopropanol, Methanol, DMSO, etc.

Fluidic Connections: 1/4-28 standard. Other available upon request.

Power: 12-24 vdc

Control:  RS-485 or USB. 

Fluidic Connections: 1/4-28 standard, other available upon request.